25 Reasons to Buy a House in Chicago

With rent for Chicago apartments increasing - as they always do - the case for buying a house in Chicago is stronger than ever. The fact is, rent goes on and on. Even in long-term mortgage situations, that monthly premium eventually ends - and you ultimately get to hold that property deed in your hand. In addition, renting is not a financial investment, so your money spent offers no return; each time you make a mortgage payment, however, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you're buying something, something that has resale value. If you're on the fence about whether to hunt for apartments for rent or to buy a house in Chicago, here is some important information to consider.

Investing Is Fiscally Smart

Investing in real estate is generally a good idea. Investing in Chicago's real estate market may be a great idea. As trends go, property values in this world-class city tend to increase, which means your investment can earn you a terrific return.

Fixed Interest Rates

What happens when your landlord raises your rent? You pay more for the same space—and that means less money in your budget with nothing new to show for it. When you purchase a home at a fixed interest rate, your payments stays the same from one year to the next.


Short of a natural disaster, buying a home means that the roof above your head is secure. You needn't fear that your landlord will sell your building, forcing you to find a new place to live.

Employment Opportunities

Living in Chicago means that you have access to the city's healthy economy and immense job market. Whatever your industry happens to be, you're likely to find access to employment in Chicago when you need it.

Public Transportation

Whether you choose to hunt for Chicago apartments or homes, you should note that Chicago is well known for its reliable public transportation. With throngs of fixed bus and train routes, you can easily get around the city without the need for a car.


Chicago is an incredibly diverse city. Whatever your race or religion, you're sure to feel right at home when you buy a home in one of the city's many neighborhoods.

Welcoming Communities

Chicago is famous for its distinctive neighborhoods. From Greek Town to Chinatown, the city boasts welcoming enclaves. The Chicago real estate companies will help you navigate each neighborhood to help you find one that suits you and your household.


Another great reason to buy a house in Chicago—there's an outstanding selection of properties to consider. Whether you're interested in a ranch-style home or something historic, you'll have lots of houses to choose from throughout the city.


Unlike other major cities like New York City and San Francisco, Chicago remains amazingly affordable. You can enjoy loads of amenities and urban attractions without the high cost you'd pay elsewhere.

Tax Benefits

Still on the fence about purchasing a home? Keep in mind, there are tax breaks to be had when you buy! You can deduct that interest at tax time!

Personalize Your Living Space

Yes, there are many houses in Chicago for rent, but you can't customize them as you can your own. Whether you're pining to paint your shutters purple or want to build a great wrap-around porch, you can only customize a living space when its legally yours.

Age-Related Services and Amenities

Whether you're a senior buying a home in Chicago or have a young household to look after, Chicago features amenities for every age, including senior centers, preschools, playgrounds, dog parks, and so much more!

Central Location

If you travel for your job, you'll love that Chicago is centrally located—and situated near busy airports like O'Hare International.

The Food

Deep dish pizza. If that doesn't convince you to hang your hat in this food-loving city, you better try a Chicago-style hot dog. There's no going back after that!

Affordable Restaurant Scene

Foodies love Chicago, because unlike New York City, Chicago's eateries feature more down-to-earth prices, but the quality of the food remains high.

It's Educated

Chicago is home to outstanding public and private universities and colleges like the University of Chicago. There are also multiple trades and specialized schools where you can study for just about any type of degree.

Outstanding Healthcare

No matter your age, it's important to look after your health. When you live in Chicago, you'll have access to some of the best hospitals and medical centers in the nation.

Four-Season Climate

The weather in Chicago is never dull. The city boasts a dynamic four-season climate. It's got hot days that are perfect for hanging at Oak Street Beach and snowy winters that are perfect for witnessing the Christmas window displays at downtown Macy's!

Chicago Has Character

People living in Chicago understand the city has its own unique character. From its distinctive skyline to its holiday celebrations, the city is unlike any other.

Chicago Celebrates

A vibrant city, Chicago features a myriad of annual events that residents enjoy like Taste of Chicago, Blues Fest, and more. There's always an event or celebration to look forward to in this bustling city by the lake.


Chicago has no shortage of exciting nightlife venues. From outdoor concert venues to trendy clubs, it features something for every taste.

World-Class Shopping

Whether you're shopping to outfit yourself or your new Chicago home, you'll find that the city boasts nationally recognized store chains and specialty shops. From the Magnificent Mile and Water Tower Place to neighborhood shops, you'll have no shortage of shopping venues to explore.

Green Spaces

For such a large city, Chicago remains committed to preserving its beloved green spaces. From the beachfront to world-famous parks like Grant Park and Lincoln Park, Chicago's public green spaces beckon residents to enjoy the outdoors.

Chicago Has Culture!

As one of the largest cities in the nation, Chicago is home to world-class museums like the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum. Additionally, there are throngs of galleries, theatres, and performing art centers all over the city.

Sports Fans Love It!

Whether you're a football, baseball, hockey, or basketball fanatic, you'll have multiple professional sports teams to cheer on. Chicago is a famous sports-loving town, so when buying a house in Chicago, you'll have plenty of sporting action to look forward to!

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