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Move to Northbrook IL 60062: 14 Reasons Why You’ll Love Your New Home in Northbrook!

Anyone growing up during the ‘80s would have been influenced by one of the most poignant film directors to almost exclusively showcase teen narratives: director John Hughes. It’s well known for most film fans that Hughes took inspiration from Chicago, placing most of his films there; however, John Hughes is a native of Northbrook, IL – and most of the teenage angst is directly drawn from his childhood, using the fictional town of “Shermer” in his films.

Visiting Northbrook, would you recognize this quaint Chicago suburb as a muse of John Hughes? Vanity Fair’s David Kamp thinks so, writing “Hughes’s Shermer was partly Northbrook and partly a composite of all the North Shore’s town and neighborhoods and, by extension, all the different milieus that existed in American suburbia.” Kamp added that Shermer “was at once an Every town for every teen and an explicit homage to Hughes’s home turf, the North Shore suburbs above Chicago.”

Northbrook’s vibe is largely unchanged from Hughes day, back in 1962. The Glenbrook North High School still stands, the very High School as attended by this world renown director.

If this Northbrook celeb hometown has piqued your interest, or if you’re already decided on a move to Northbrook, Il, or “the Village” as the locals call it, then read on to discover 14 reasons why you’ve made the right choice!

Glenbrook North High School - 2300 Shermer Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062

#1 - Crème de la Crème School System

What could be a better segue into the Northbrook school system than John Hughes? As we’ve already mentioned, the legendary director spent his high school years at Glenbrook North High School. Here’s a flick tip for you – parts of the 1985 movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” directed by Hughes, were filmed at our very own Glenbrook North High school with students performing as extras.

According to, Northbrook, Il earns an overall “A+” rating, and judging by the reviews, the schools are a top draw. One reviewer on the site said, “Up and coming Northbrook was a beautiful place to grow up. The schools are top notch and if you’re fortunate enough to go to or have your children attend GBN you’re in for a one in a million experience.”

Families with children all ages, from primary school through high school will enjoy Northbrook’s comprehensive and innovative education system. Northbrook students consistently score above average on standardized tests including, the Prairie State Achievement Examination, ACT, and SAT. A wide-breadth of extracellular courses and activities bring the world to Northbrook students. No wonder Northbrook is ranked #11 best city of 537 cities in Illinois for schools.

Here is an overview of schools in ?Northbrook IL Zip Code 60062:

Glenbrook High Schools District 225 oversees Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South. Glenbrook North recently was listed as one of 14 Illinois state high schools to exceed an average SAT score of 1200, averaging a 1214.1. Glenbrook South was not far behind, with an SAT test score average of 1150.7. Everyone in the Northbrook community is very proud of our Glenbrook North and South high schoolers!

Northbrook School District 27 is a K-8 district serving the northwestern areas of the Village. The schools include Hickory Point School, Shabonee School, and Wood Oaks Junior High School. District 27 insists their track record of student excellence is a cause of the priority to partner with parents in the community, however, we can say the same for all our Northbrook elementary schools, Northbrook middle schools, and Northbrook high schools.

Glenbrook North High School

Serving the northeastern areas of the Village is District 28. District 28’s schools include: Greenbriar public schools, and Meadowbrook elementary school, Northbrook Junior High School, and Westmoor school serving students K-5.

Northbrook Glenview School District 30 serves the southern areas of the Village as well as nearby neighborhoods in the Village of Glenview. The district oversees Willbrook, Maple, and Westcott schools.

And finally, District 31 serves the southwestern portions of the Village as well as nearby neighborhoods in the Village of Glenview, overseeing Field Northbrook Middle School and Winkelman primary school.

#2 - Well-Connected Transportation

Northbrook is conveniently located just 25 miles north of downtown Chicago. Considered one of the most eclectic and lively communities on Chicago’s North Shore, residents enjoy the proximity to the big city attractions of Chicago.

Northbrook Metra Station

Northbrook Metra Station

“The Village” is connected to downtown Chicago by Metra‘s Milwaukee District/North Line, which has two stations: one at Shermer Road and another at Lake Cook Road. Northbrook is also served by the Pace bus system.

For car-bound commuters, Northbrook enjoys easy access to the to the Tri-state tollway (I-294) and the Edens Expressway (I-94). For journeys beyond Chicago, Northbrook residents are conveniently placed a mere 17 miles from O’Hare International Airport.

#3 - Ranked One of the Top Cities Nationwide

Comparing economy, safety, affordability, livability, and overall quality of life, Northbrook Il ranks #1 according to a study by finance site Wallethub. Wallethub’s “33 key indicators of livability,” ranging from household costs, activities, education, and restaurants ranked 1,268 cities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000. Northbrook scored the highest in education and health, coming in at the 72nd percentile for both of those qualifiers, and the 58th percentile for safety. Taken together, this places Northbrook in the 96th percentile nationwide!

LA Fitness in Northbrook

#4 - Diverse Community

Northbrook is home for many people with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. This suburban melting pot is celebrated in Northbrook’s “Celebration of Cultures,” one of many events held throughout the year to highlight the rich cultural tapestry that makes up the Northbrook population.

The Northbrook community hosts several excursions that anyone may participate in. For example, the iCenter for Israel Education, based in Northbrook, sponsored a trip for three world language directors whose public high schools offer Hebrew instruction. The motivation behind the trip, explains Binnie Swislow a consultant with iCenter, was to cultivate an appreciation for the diverse narratives of Israel’s people. The tour group visited areas rarely seen by foreigners, such as the Golan Heights area that overlooks Quneitra, a major crossing point into Syria.

Northbrook children interested in learning more about the Jewish faith have several options. Lubavitch Chabad offers a Hebrew school for students K-6. As well, the JCC Chicago, a Chicago-based organization established over 100 years ago to support new American immigrants to maintain a connection to their Jewish values through culture, language, recreation, and community. JCC Chicago fosters community gatherings throughout the Chicago area for the younger set, as well as seniors, including a senior get-together and exercise club for Northbrook residents.

#5 - Perfect for Seniors

Northbrook is not only a terrific choice for families, it’s also a hood in which retirees enjoy spending their golden years. Northbrook’s senior population is 22% – over double the senior population in Illinois state! What does this say about Northbrook?

Northbrook distinguishes seniors as being an integral and vital population within the community. As such, Northbrook dedicates a large portion of time and resources in ensuring the Village is a locale that attracts and retains the senior population. Just a few of the Village’s efforts come to mind:

So whether you’re coming to Northbrook to visit or to stay permanently, this is a city that welcomes you (and your appetite) with open arms.

#6 - Savory Northbrook Restaurants

According to Eater Chicago, Northbrook’s very own Pro Samyubsal has been voted among a list of 25 of the best restaurants in the Chicago ‘burbs. Eaters of the beloved belly – pork, that is – will find a warm (and tasty) welcome at this unassuming restaurant inside a strip mall. Once you step inside, you have entered the “cult of pork.” Pro Samyubsal offers five varieties of pork belly. Don’t be surprised, the very namesake of the restaurant, samgyeopsal translates as “three-layered flesh.” This restaurant grills up the tastiest three layers – meat, fat, and skin – just right. Locals swear by the salty sesame oil and pungent soybean paste with grilled garlic – wrapped in a lettuce leaf (for those trying to get in their 5-a-days). It’s simply the best.

There are many more Northbrook area restaurants to choose from. For slightly “lighter” fare (we kid), there’s Francesco’s Hole in the Wall, an Italian eatery. This charming, 30-year old authentic restaurant will have you thinking you’ve left Northbrook, Dorothy. Yes, the osso bucco, lobster diablo, and the rigatoni with chicken in vodka sauce will have you saying, “grazie!”

Northbrook has many options to choose from for all your special occasions. From steak house dinners at Ruth Chris and Morton’s, to teppanyaki dining at Ron of Japan, Northbrook is sure to match a restaurant to your every craving – you will never be at a loss for finding places to eat in Northbrook.

If the spectacle of teppanyaki dining is not your thing, you can find local-fav BluFish. Boasting a menu that suits every taste, BluFish is a fantastic option for sushi, bento boxes, noodles, and absolute standout – spicy tuna seaweed salad.

You can also find a greek restaurant Northbrook in Greek Feast. Offering everything from pita sandwiches, souvlaki, gyros, and baked chicken, there is surely something to please anyone with a taste bud or two! For Mexican restaurants Northbrook Il, La Taquiza and Los Huaraches are two fantastic options.

Of course, this is by no means the best restaurants in Northbrook, we’re just scratching the surface. Here’s a quick snapshot of more restaurants in Northbrook il to pique your palate:

Restaurants near Northbrook IL

Breakfast Northbrook Il
Jar Bar – 1350 Shermer Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062
Georgie V’s – 1139 Church St, Northbrook, IL 60062
Butterfield’s Pancake House – 4195 Dundee Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062
Tony & Brunos – 2284 Northbrook Ct, Northbrook, IL 60062
Allgauer’s On the Riverfront – 2855 Milwaukee Ave, Northbrook, IL 60062, Northbrook, IL 60062

American and European comfort food
J. Alexander’s Redlands Grill – 4077 Lake Cook Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062
Di Pescara – 2124 Northbrook Ct, Northbrook, IL 60062
Prairie Grass Cafe – 601 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL 60062
Max and Benny’s Restaurant – 461 Waukegan Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062
Francesco’s Hole In the Wall – 254 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL 60062

Asian Restaurants Northbrook Il
JP.F. Chang’s – 1819 Lake Cook Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062
Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill – 1186 Northbrook Ct, Northbrook, IL 60062
Szechwan Kingdom – 545 S Waukegan Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062
Tong’s Hunan Restaurant – 4145 Dundee Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062
Yee’s Garden – 2750 Dundee Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062, Northbrook, IL 60062

#7 Shop till you (or your Card) Drops – Whichever Comes First!

Northbrook offers a variety of shopping experiences, including quirky and whimsical shops in our charming downtown, convenient and efficient shopping centers, and our lux Northbrook mall which attracts shoppers region-wide for both shopping and the delicious Northbrook court restaurants.

Neiman Marcus - Northbrook Court

Neiman Marcus - Northbrook Court

I can see you’re looking for specifics. That’s why I’ve composed a list of our favorite stores that reflect the eclectic options Northbrook shopping offers:

Shopping Near Northbrook IL
Berkeley Row Shopping Center – West Side of Skokie, just North of Edens Overpass
Dunbrook Shopping Center – Northeast Corner of Pfingsten & Dundee Roads
Dunsten Plaza – Southwest Corner of Pfingsten & Dundee Roads Meadow Shopping Center – Southeast Corner of Meadow Road & Cherry Lane
Northbrook Court – Lake-Cook Road, West of Highway 41
Northbrook Shopping Plaza – Northwest Corner of Keystone Avenue & Cherry Lane
NorthShore 770 – Northwest Corner of Dundee Road & Skokie Boulevard
Park Place – Southwest Corner of Shermer & Meadow Roads
Sanders Court Shopping Center – Southwest Corner of Sanders & Dundee Roads
Standy Plaza – Southeast Corner of Sanders & Dundee Roads
Village Green Center – Northeast corner of Shermer & Meadow Roads
Village Square of Northbrook – Southeast Corner of Lake-Cook Road & Skokie Boulevard
White Plains Shopping Center – Southeast Corner of Landwehr & Dundee Roads
Willow Festival Annex – Northwest Corner of Willow Road & Founders Drive
Willow Festival Shopping Center – Northwest corner of Willow & Waukegan Roads

Lord and Taylor - Northbrook Court

Lord and Taylor - Northbrook Court

#8 Plenty of Options to Put Around on the Green

Golf, anyone? Northbrook offers several courses, whether you want to simply hit a bucket of balls or make a day of it on the green. One of the most well-reviewed golf clubs is Anetsberger Golf Course. This course is well cared for, affordable, and pleasant for the entire family. Willowhill Golf Course is another local favorite. Positioned atop a hill, at times the winds can throw off your game, however, the Chicago skyline view certainly makes up for it!

Northbrook’s Sportsman’s Country Club is sure to inspire the Tiger Woods in any golfer. This private club features an immaculately-maintained green with 27-holes. The club also features mini-golf and a driving range. The four-person scramble “turkey shoot” is a legend in the region, with Thanksgiving prizes amounting to $3,000. Gobble Gobble!

#9 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

The median household income in Northbrook, Il is $118,480, far more than the median annual income in the United States. Among the Fortune 500 companies with headquarters in Northbrook are Allstate, Crate & Barrel, and Underwriters Laboratories. As well, Northbrook is home to more than 700 manufacturing, light industrial and service-related businesses which are concentrated within Northbrook’s Sky Harbor Industrial Park. (Northbrook Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

The Northbrook Court – a regional standout as far as shopping centers go is also a source of many businesses who employ Northbrook residents. Other notable employers include OpticsPlanet, CVS Health, and Astellas Pharma US.

The majority of Northbrook residents work in Management (18.7%), Business and Financial Operations (11%), Sales (14.4%), and Health Practitioners (7.5%).

#10 - Commute… What Commute?

More and more young professionals are settling in Northbrook because of the high-quality school system, low crime, nightlife, cultural diversity, and well – the commute. Although the Village is well-connected by public transportation, nearly 70% of commuters drive alone, averaging a 27-minute commute time. This says something – the Northbrook commute comes in at just a hair higher than the national average commute.

#11 - Fun-filled Community Events

There are plenty of things to do in Northbrook il as Northbrook organizes community events throughout the year, rain or shine. Given that Northbrook is home to the Northbrook Sports Center – which houses two NHL-size ice rinks, as well as the outdoor skating facility at Meadowhill Park and Tower Rink, it’s no surprise that Northbrook residents love cutting ice! Never is this passion clearer than “Northbrook-on-Ice,” an event that takes place each year in May.

The Village Green Northbrook Park District

The Village Green Northbrook Park District - 1810 Walters Ave

Northbrook-On-Ice captures draws both “Icettes,” spectators, and even scouts from the Ice Capades and Ice Follies! Yes indeed, this event is considered the best amateur ice skating show in the country. Anyone (with some serious skill) is free to join, with tryouts in November.

We’ve already touched on Northbrook’s, “A Celebration of Cultures,” which highlights the diverse background and ethnicities of The Village. This annual event takes place each April. Dance is a main attraction – a Persian dance performed by 21-year old Parya Majedi was a big hit in 2016; food and art are also major draws. This event is a celebration indeed, recognizing the variety of peoples that call Northbrook, and the surrounding cities, “home.”

Northbrook Summer Camp

Northbrook Summer Camp Taking Place at the Park

The Northbrook summer program can’t be beat. Imagine this: a rolling green, a picnic blanket, popcorn, and the stars above – it’s the Movie in the Park event, of course! What better way to celebrate summer, family, and the best of friends than a free movie on a warm summer night.

And finally, no Northbrook community event overview would not be complete without mentioning the Earth and Arbor Day that takes place each April. A partnership forged in 1989 between the Village and Northbrook Park District includes volunteer opportunities, a recycling center, and features a bevy of sustainable vendor exhibits. The vendor exhibition is held at Village Green Park, offering an open venue for the community to chat with the exhibitors about their environmentally-friendly goods. Food as well as activities for the kids are on offer, making this event fun for the whole family!

#12 - Environmental Sustainability is a Northbrook Passion!

In addition to the Earth and Arbor Day event, Northbrook fosters countless ways both city government and the community can together minimize pollution and environmental impact. An existing network of bike lanes and sidewalks is available for residents to reduce their carbon footprint while getting exercise. As well, an exciting new initiative is underway with the “Master Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.” This city-wide effort is in the works and is actively seeking community input.

Residents may also participate in the Tree and Bench Donation Program in Northbrook’s West Park. All donors are commemorated with a bronze plaque to the bench seatback, or if donating a tree, an engraved brass leaf affixed to the Northbrook Leisure Center. The tree and bench donation efforts are to encourage residents to spend more time outdoors and preserve the natural world for future generations. Clearly, Northbrook is leading the charge in city sustainability.

#13 - Parks, Facilities, Galore!

Northbrook gives everyone a reason to get out and enjoy the many parks and facilities open to the public. From adult soccer and pickleball “pick-up games” to kids’ summer camps, Northbrook offers hundreds of opportunities to exercise and meet other residents.

Northbrook maintains over 500 acres of land in 22 park areas. Each park is distinctive in its offerings, ranging from natural areas to playgrounds – with many options for sports recreation, health, and fitness. You can even find an interactive map to find exactly what you’re looking for located on the Northbrook Parks Website. Simply filter the results based on location, facilities, and amenities.

Here is a snapshot of just a few of the facilities and parks Northbrook residents enjoy:

The Velodrome is a quarter-mile cycle track established over fifty years ago and named after cyclist and speed skater, Ed Rudolph. This unique track provides an opportunity for both new and experienced cyclists to train, race, or simply enjoy for personal entertainment. Kids can participate in the Youth Cycling Program anytime of the year. Cycling enthusiasts may spin their wheels Thursday nights during the summer. These summer night gatherings often attract 200 riders, some of which garner speeds of up to 45 miles per hour!

Meadowhill Aquatic Center, or “MAC,” is a water-mecca for swimmers where four separate outdoor pools can be found: a lap pool, a children’s water playground, a diving area with three boards, and a pool with a tube and body slides. In addition, visitors who aren’t eager to get wet, or perhaps prefer tanning can do so on the large sun deck while enjoying a full-service concession stand. Swimming and diving lessons, as well as junior lifeguard classes and water aerobics, are available.

West Park fits the bill for all outdoor persuasions. First established in 1965, the park has expanded over the years to include three tennis courts, seasonal soccer fields, two sand volleyball courts, three baseball fields, and two playgrounds with climbing structures, slides, and swings. Just behind the park is planned for a new Sports Center pool facility. When completed, the Sports Center will include a 25-yard pool with six lanes, a leisure pool, a vortex pool, zero-depth entry, two diving boards, a deep-water diving pool with a drop slide and a climbing wall.

#14 - Robust Housing Market

Northbrook offers a robust housing market, rated by as a “B+” with a median home value of $521,800. The stellar market is no doubt tied to the affordable yet high quality of life that ticks all the boxes for safety, diversity, and public schools. Over 87% of homes are owner-occupied, much higher than the national average of 64%. Homebuyers looking for single family homes have a lot to choose from, many of which are custom designs – no cookie cutters here! Spacious colonials and townhomes predominate, each with barrels of character.

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