How To Improve The Value Of My Home?

Positive steps to increase the general ambiance and appearance of your home are very important as the value of your home relies on a combination of many factors. You can create a high-value impression of your house by performing certain low-stress renovations and makeup. In this article has the tips that I consult my clients when they ask me: how can I improve the value of my home prior to putting it on the market.

Professional interior designer

First and foremost, getting a professional interior designer is an important thing to consider. There are lots of experts out there that actually have cheaper rates and finding one should not be a serious issue. Inviting an interior designer is a great idea, as the factors that will bring out a great appearance and give value to your house will be easily identified. With ideas from experts, the elements needed to incorporate into your house will be more easily achieved with less stress.

Interior designers have a great sense of style and trends in housing design.

Evaluate your home objectively

The second thing is to evaluate your home objectively to make sure things are in good shape. Homeowners need to put themselves in the shoes of home buyers in order to clearly see what needs improvement. You need to imagine what buyers want, what will win buyers over and make the necessary improvements to make your home the type of home you would want to move into.

Space management

Space management is third on the list. It is very important to manage space wisely around your house. Creating space and spacing things out can make a big difference in the appearance and appeal of your house. Prospective buyers actually prefer open floor plans and spacious houses as this looks more attractive and has better flow.

Home buyers are attracted to homes which give them the perception of quality.


Ventilation is another thing that can increase the value of a building. Air quality is essential as it provides a healthy and relaxed environment. You can actively improve the quality of your house by creating better-ventilated areas and installing air friendly windows. Creating an outdoor seating area is not a bad idea as you can easily get fresh air while enjoying the backyard view with family or visitors.

Air quality is essential as it provides a healthy and relaxed environment.


A fresh coat of paint makes a lasting impression on the eyes. This alone can convince a buyer to purchase a house. Harmony between colors can go a long way towards creating an appealing setting. However, not only should walls be beautifully painted, furniture like cabinets and shelves need quality painting too. Making old furniture look as good as new can be done with a simple paint job. In general, new paint on as many surfaces as possible upgrades the house to a clean level that will appeal buyers.

Water system

Without the proper installation of a water system, the house loses some value. A good water system is extremely important. Installing plumbing features that help transport water into the kitchen, laundry room, basement and every bathroom makes access to water easy and ready for use at any time. Water is essential in our daily lives and making room for a water purifier is another value add. Most homebuyers make the water system a priority before purchasing a house.

Plumbing is very essentials in our daily lives.

Lighting Fixtures

In addition, lighting fixtures are major effects as they make old houses appear newer. Homeowners can change the general look of their house by putting in nice lights. Be mindful that it will change the ambiance and look of the house, and it is also important to be extra careful if you make these changes yourself because the work can be dangerous if performed carelessly. It is advisable to hire a professional that will place the wires and connections correctly and safely.

In addition to the seven tips mentioned above, there are still many other ways to give your house a boost. Putting in nice tiles or carpets, installing solar, improving basement and storage areas, improving outdoor gardens and lawn, possibly changing drainage and working on your walkway or driveway are some other possibilities to consider when making improvements to the value of any house. For more details and a custom list of improvements to your house, contact the Delphine Team today to receive this complimentary service.

If you are thinking “what is the value of my home?”,  contact us today to receive a detailed home evaluation report.

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