Home Staging For A Quick Sale

Home staging is a valuable strategy for sellers and home staging costs are worth the investment because  staging can make the house look better, add value to the home and help get your house sold faster than the home would sell without home staging. Experienced real estate agents know the importance of home staging. And, experienced agents know professional home staging experts. In this article are a few quick home staging tips homeowners can use to better market their home.

If the seller does not have the time or experience to stage the home, your agent will recommend a professional staging company. Home staging costs vary but this is one of the best investments sellers in Chicago can make.

Home staging can highlight your home’s strengths by a few simple steps.

Removing Family Photos – Tip Number 1

In order for buyers to better visualize themselves in your home, they will benefit from a home with a clean slate. Sellers want buyers to walk through the home and picture their own holiday gatherings, imagine their children playing in the yard and enjoying memorable family dinners .

If the seller has numerous photos and other personal items scattered throughout the home, it is an unnecessary reminder to the buyer that the home is filled with another family’s memories. Your memorabilia including family photos can deter the buyer from feeling their own connection to the home.

A great lighting can make a house look warm and welcoming.

Less Is More – Tip Number 2

One of the most important aspects of staging is to recognize that home staging includes serious decluttering. Decluttering is one of the most important strategies for getting your home “market ready.”

Fewer small appliances on the kitchen counters and less trinkets on bookshelves can make your space look bigger than it actually is and certainly bigger than another house with appliances cluttering kitchen work space and with trinkets filling bookcases.

Similarly, if there are too many things lying around the home, they will distract buyers from noticing features in the home itself. For example, a potential buyer may miss the beautiful crown moldings on the ceiling of the children’s bedrooms because they are trying not to step on clothes or toys that are lying on the floor.

At the same time, decluttering closets and having them in showing condition can add tremendous appeal to the home. If your closets are filled and clothes are not hanging neatly, buyers will notice and will soon begin wondering if the home has enough storage space. Neatly organized closets add space and give buyers confidence.

An easy traffic flow can be created by locating the sofas and the chairs into cozy conversational groups.

Use Of Furniture – Tip Number 3

Another aspect of decluttering is removing unnecessary furniture. Having sharp furniture in a home is great because it gives buyers a good idea of the space and what furniture they have that will fit in the home. But, there is a limit to what is helpful. Indeed, it is a fine line between too much furniture and creating a fluid traffic pattern. It is also important to use furniture with appropriate proportions. Your goal is to make the space look highly functional and fluid, not overcrowded.

Heavy bookcases can store large quantities of books but they can also make the room look smaller than it is. Placement of your furniture can also make or break a space. Remember that a good staging plan is intended to help sell the home, not suit the family’s needs. Always create a pathway in each room and never block doorways or windows as this tends to make rooms look darker and smaller.

Art displayed and mixing the right accessories creatively make the room stand out and shows off your space.

Neutral Colors – Tip Number 4

Don’t ask if home staging cost is worth it. It is and use of colors is another essential ingredient in home staging. Sometimes it is wise to hire a professional home staging expert to help spruce up your home and choose the best color scheme. Paint is a great way to improve home staging. Neutral colors on the walls and neutral colored furniture are good for making your home appeal to more prospective buyers.

Painting will add to the home staging cost, but the return on investment can be through the roof. Lighter colors give rooms an airy and light quality that makes them feel larger. An instance where the use of color may be good is using pink or blue in children’s rooms. At the same time, be sure to remove all decals and wall stickers in children’s rooms. And, check out the posters. Some can be offensive.

Create a relaxing and clean bathroom can impress the potential buyers.

Gardening – Tip Number 5

The first thing that people see when they pull up to your home is the front of the house and the surrounding landscaping. In fact, your home’s curb appeal can turn buyers off before they ever set foot in the house. Improving your curb appeal is crucial to home staging. Freshly mulched beds and healthy, colorful flowers can make your home feel more inviting.

Overgrown bushes, beds with weeds and untrimmed shrubs turn buyers off before they enter the home. Your home staging cost may increase but you do not want to lose prospective buyers because your did not hire someone to clean the beds, trim the shrubs or prune your trees.

Yard ranks ranks high on buyers’ priority list.

Cleaning – Tip Number 6

Is home staging worth it? You bet! If the house is unkempt all the value of your home staging goes out the window. Possibly the most important element of home staging is always having the home in “showable” condition.

In Chicago, it is common practice to purchase a home with appliances included in the price. Hence buyers will open ovens, microwaves, refrigerators etc. and they do not want to see dirty appliance interiors. Appliances, bathrooms and laundry rooms should always be cleaned before each showing. Make sure the bedrooms are picked up and neat and the entire house should be vacuumed and dusted.

The most important thing to remember is that home staging is intended to make your home inviting. You want buyers to feel comfortable and you want to highlight those features that make your home unique.

To a buyer, the home is what is important, not your possessions. Put your pride aside and present your home in the best light every time it is shown. Your home is no longer your family home. Your job is to make it your home the home a buyer would like. This approach can greatly affect how buyers perceive the seller’s willingness to sell. Home staging can definitely influence the outcome of the sale.

When you list your home for sale, ask your agent their opinion of home staging. The Delphine Team is highly regarded for their staging talents. When you decide the time is right to buy or sell your Chicago home, contact The Delphine Team at 847-550-3599.

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